EUCALYPTUS RADIATA    eucalyptus radiata


Eucalyptus Radiata is primarily an essential oil for the respiratory system as it has good anticatarrhal properties. It is a powerful expectorant and mucolytic with good ability for fluidification. Eucalyptus Radiata has long lasting effects and is particularly indicated for children.*

Eucalyptus Radiata is also a cooling essential oil due to its high concentration of 1,8 cineole. This gives it the ability to control a fever.*

Eucalyptus Radiata is a strong antiseptic, yet it is non-toxic. A good anti-viral and an energizer to the body, it can be very effective in cases of chronic fatigue and immune deficiency.*


PIP | LABEL | 10ml
$15 00

high 1.8 cineole content gives this oil powerful decongestant properties*


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