The Healing Trilogy of Mind, Body, and Soul was formulated by world-renowned and gifted healer Alexandria Brighton with science-backed ingredients shown to reduce internal inflammation.*

Mind, Body & Soul are manufactured in the USA and infused with Turmeric, Coconut, and ancient Ayurvedic superfoods.*


Mind PIP | Body PIP | Soul PIP | 46 Servings & 7 Servings

Formulated with science-backed ingredients to reduce internal inflammation.



As we age, more and more of us are seeing our bodies outlasting our brain. The increase in devastating mind-related disorders is heartbreaking for so many.*

Scientists have long known that inflammation contributes to these conditions, but lately, they have been turning up evidence that inflammation can affect the brain more directly and acutely, and might underlie a wider range of brain problems.*

The ingredients in Mind provide powerful nourishment for the brain and help the body with inflammation that may be responsible for causing memory and cognitive dysfunction.*

The link between brain inflammation and mental health disorders may explain why the first things some customers experience when taking Mind are a sense of calm, increased feelings of happiness, and improved sleep.*

PIP | LABEL | 46 Servings & 7 Servings


Although it is not yet proven how inflammation directly causes cardiovascular diseases, the medical community agrees that chronic, low-grade inflammation is closely linked to all stages of atherosclerosis, a disease that underlies heart attack, stroke, and peripheral artery disease.*

With our proprietary high-nitrate beetroot juice combined with hawthorn berry for maximum nitric oxide delivery, just one serving of Body provides powerful nourishment for your cardiovascular system and may help reduce chronic inflammation. Nitric oxide helps relax the lining of the blood vessels, and that can result in lower blood pressure. Many customers tell us that with consistent use of Body their doctors are lowering their blood pressure medications.*

PIP | LABEL | 46 Servings & 7 Servings


Although inflammation has long been known to play a role in allergic diseases like asthma, arthritis, and Crohn's Disease, Dr. Tanya Edwards, Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine, says that Alzheimer's Disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and Parkinson's Disease may all be related to chronic inflammation in the body. Dr. Edwards writes that inflammation is now recognized as "the underlying basis of a significant number of diseases".*

Maintaining a healthy pH balance and supporting detoxification through the liver is a good first step toward controlling inflammation. Soul is packed with chlorophyll-rich alkalizing green superfoods and ancient Ayurvedic herbs known to support the liver and kidneys. The link between pH balance, the gut, and inflammation explains why the first things many customers notice when taking Soul are an increase in energy and fewer food cravings.*

PIP | LABEL | 46 Servings & 7 Servings
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