RAVINTSARA    cinnamomum camphora 1,8 cineole


Ravintsara is distilled from the leaves of Cinnamomum camphora grown in Madagascar. This is a very different species from the camphor trees grown in Madagascar and parts of Asia that are now being called Ravensara.*

The composition of Ravintsara is simple, without a specific compound which makes its smell. The aroma of Ravintsara is very characteristic and combines the freshness of the 1,8 cineole with the gentle warmth of the alcohols and the dynamism of the eugenol.*

Ravintsara, particularly active even in low doses, acts to its full extent as a "terrain" treatment. An exceptional essential oil, it is non-toxic, and therefore suitable for everyone. It has a great potential for action at the psychological level.*


PIP | LABEL | 10ml
$27 00

an indispensable essential oil and, without a doubt, the most versatile*


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